Thank You from designability

Thank you so much for your generous donation of £4750

I am writing to thank you for your grant towards our Wizzybug Loan Scheme which we received at our bank on 9th August. We are particularly grateful to have your support in our 50th Anniversary year and the whole team joins me in sending their thanks too.
Having a Wizzybug can make a big difference now and in the future for a young Wizzybug driver! We recently heard from this little girl’s family, who has now made the transition to using an NHS provided powered chair:

Poppy’s Wizzybug gave her a real sense of freedom to be able to explore the playground at school with her friends, the park with her big sister and it genuinely gave her that little bit of independence that she is unable to get with most day-to-day things in life. It was such a joy seeing her be able to head off in the park with her sister and get up to cheeky antics, as simple as heading off in the opposite direction, just because she could! “The fun design of the Wizzybug has also been a big highlight. Whenever she was out and about on our local high street, she would draw attention because of the fun, vibrant design and people would stop to say hello. This put a huge smile on Poppy’s face because she is such a sociable little girl. We would like to say a massive thankyou, as a family. It really is a fantastic scheme.”

It’s comments like these that continue to encourage us to raise funds for the Scheme and your help is greatly appreciated. You can view our latest Wizzybug film on YouTube by searching “Joseph’s Wizzybug Story”.

You would be very welcome  to come and visit at any time and, in the meantime, we look forward to keeping in touch. I have pleasure in enclosing our official receipt which is sent with our many thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Prof Nigel Harris

Chief Executive