Screenshot of New Outdoors for All Website Design

New Website Launched!

Taken as you’re reading this, you’ve already discovered that our new improved website is up and running!


We’ve taken time to create a site that achieves our objective: “to provide grants to individual persons and other organisations to provide access and/or opportunities to recreational and leisure time outdoor activities and experiences to children, adults, persons who are disabled either permanently or temporarily and persons with special physical or mental health needs.” by making access to the grant application process all digital to be completed online (you can still send us a Paper Form if you prefer).


You can now also give to Outdoors for All via the Just Giving page:


We have also made room to celebrate successful grant partnerships through news, photographs and feedback sections of the site. And naturally you can find out more about the people and passions behind Outdoors for All across the rest of our pages.


So thanks for dropping by and spending time looking at our charity.