Trustee Meetings

Outdoors For All grants are reviewed at quarterly Trustee Meetings, listed here. Applications received after the deadline dates will be considered for the following meeting.

8th January 2024 (deadline for applications 8th December 2023)
8th April 2024 (deadline for applications 8th March 2024)
8th July 2024 (deadline for applications 8th June 2024)
8th October 2024 (deadline for applications 8th September 2024)

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We believe in the outdoors. Having the chance to be in it, learn from it and enjoy it is not something that money can buy… for all the other stuff, we can help.

Am I eligible?


Does your project or idea meet our charity objective?


Are you a charity, a not-profit?


Do you have a project that gets people outdoors which needs funding or part funding?


If you answer yes to the above, then you may be able to apply. Please read the next section.

What can I apply for?


Outdoors for all wants to support projects that aim to get people outdoors and we would love to hear about your ideas.


You can apply for a minimum grant of £500. Whilst there is no maximum value, we are most unlikely to consider applications in excess of £5,000.


We do not fund capital projects. 

How do I apply?


If you meet the eligibility criteria above and our grant suits your needs, please fill out the form below.


Please make sure that you submit your application at least three months before the intended activity date. Alternatively download the offline form.



This form is relatively large and asks for details of your organisation, your planned activity and your planned activity provider. We suggest you have these details readily available before beginning to fill it out. You can apply using out paper form should that be more convenient for you.

You will also need to upload a copy of your accounts made up within the last 12 months in PDF format.

    Any Individual, Charity or Not for Profit Organisation is eligible to apply for a grant. 
If you are interested in making an application for a grant from Outdoors For All we recommend that you look at our Funding Policy before applying as this may increase the chances of your application proving successful.

    Organisation Information

    Contact Information